Va de Bikes program 52 Teledeporte

In this edition we will once again travel to Andorra to get to know Andona Club, a cycling association made up mainly of women, but which also includes men. It is a sports organisation with a social and inclusive character, with the aim of learning and having fun. Its creator and professional cyclist, Xary Rodríguez, is waiting for us in La Massana with some of the members to tell us about their beginnings and also to give visibility to the women's cycling collective. There is still a lot of work to be done to achieve equality and the creation of Andona is one more step towards the goal.

From Andorra we will go to another principality, Monaco, where the first race of the E-Bike World Cup was held with a successful participation. Two days of authentic spectacle with two great protagonists: the current French National Champion, Jérôme Guilloux and the German Sofia Wiedenroth, both had to work hard to keep the leader's jersey.